Five Things Renters Insurance Won’t Cover

Renters insurance protects your belongings from covered losses. However, it won’t cover damage to your apartment or rented property. Understanding what each policy will or won’t cover is important before deciding which one is best for you. The team at HBW Insurance Group in Catonsville, MD can help you understand how your current or prospective renters insurance policy works.

Renters Insurance Exclusions

You may wonder what renters insurance won’t pay for. Here are a few examples excluded by most policies:

  1. It generally doesn’t cover earthquakes, sinkholes, floods, or earthquakes. These events often leave behind catastrophic damage and require separate coverage.
  2. Renters insurance won’t cover preventable pest problems, such as bed bugs and other excluded pests, as the policy specifies. So, it’s important to understand your rights as a renter. For example, your landlord is responsible for preventing infestations by rats and mice.
  3. If your roommate isn’t named in the policy, your renters insurance won’t cover their belongings. Therefore, each tenant needs to invest in separate coverage.
  4. Most renter’s insurance policies won’t cover acts of terrorism. The term can apply to events specific to a small or large area. To better understand what events are categorized as terrorism, make an appointment with one of our knowledgeable insurance agents.
  5. If you or your pet accidentally damage your belongings, your renter’s insurance typically won’t pay for it. For example, if your cat scratches the side of your couch or your dog chews the leg of an expensive table, you’ll probably pay for the repairs out of your own bank account. The same goes for pet-soiled carpets.

Learn More About Renters Insurance in Catonsville, MD 

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