Does Renters Insurance Cover Any Property? A Single-Family Home, A Condo, An Apartment or A House Boat?

Is renters insurance just for apartment dwellers? 

 When the layperson considers renters insurance they usually think about protecting apartment dwellers in the case of theft, or some other unfortunate incident. Renters insurance is not just for apartment dwellers. Renters insurance is designed to cover the loss of property that a renter may incur as they rent a property. That property can be a condo, a single-family home, a houseboat, or an apartment. 

 The basic foundation of renters insurance is that it does not cover the structure that the renter dwells in – it covers the renter’s stuff. However, if a renter is thinking about purchasing the structure they dwell in, there are certain policies that are geared toward “rent to own” that are more comprehensive than basic renter’s insurance. At HBW insurance group we are aware of the subtle nuances inherent in every rental situation.

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