What Is Covered by Flood Insurance?

If you are among the proud homeowners based in Catonsville, MD, then you must understand the significance of having flood insurance. Knowing what the insurance entails and how it safeguards your property is also an integral part of property ownership in the region. Fortunately, you are able to access exceptional insurance services offered by HBW Insurance Group. Here are details about the flood policy that you need to grasp.

How Does the Policy Protect Me? 

While owning a new home is a heavenly experience, keeping it safe is more rewarding. One approach to make this dream a reality is to buy a flood insurance policy. The policy looks after you by compensating you for the destruction caused by floods. It secures your house plus the equipment inside. Buy the insurance if your area is prone to flooding. However, the insurance does not compensate your land if a catastrophe strikes.

When buying your flood insurance coverage, it is wise to check and categorize the valuables you have in your home. Ensure to estimate the value of your property plus what it contains. Compare the value to what your insurer has quoted to see whether the deal is worth your commitment. 

What Will Not Fit Under My Flood Insurance Policy?

Like other types of insurances in the market, your flood policy features an inclusion and exclusion list. Understanding what your policy covers is prudent but not enough. It is essential to identify what the policy cannot compensate if you lose during a flood. Note that expensive valuables such as money, paperwork, vehicles, and enamels do not fit under the flood insurance policy.

Your insurance will only provide limited coverage to contents that exist underneath your first floor. In such scenarios, the policy concentrates on selected valuables, including your basement structure. Your agency will explain the details of what the insurance can cover in your situation during valuation. 

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