What Renter’s Insurance Does

If you happen to be living in an apartment, the last thing on your mind might be renter’s insurance.  For one thing, you don’t own the apartment and for another, surely the landlord has insured it.  Thirdly, you probably aren’t in possession of anything that is priceless.

However, what happens if:

  • There is a fire in the building and you lose everything you own and now have no place to lay your head?
  • Someone breaks in and steals your TV, music player, cell phone, laptop or anything else?
  • The cable installer falls in your apartment and decides to sue you?

If you don’t have renter’s insurance, you will be the one responsible for replacing all of your stuff, even if it isn’t your fault that they are damaged or lost.  Take a minute and just consider what it would cost to replace all of your clothes, furniture, and electronics.  The amount can be astonishing.

Things that renter’s insurance can cover include things like theft, damage from fire and smoke, water damage, temporary living expenses if you can’t use your apartment, liability protection in case anyone is injured in your apartment. 

Another great thing about renter’s insurance is that it is really more affordable than you might think.  Think about the amount of deductible you need to have.  While higher deductibles mean that the price of insurance will be lower, how much can you afford out of pocket if you have a claim?

Renter’s insurance can be well worth the time to look into it and in the end, it can even save you thousands of dollars if the unthinkable happens.  If you are in the Catonsville, MD area, call or stop by HBW Insurance Group to find out more about renter’s insurance and how it can help you today.