Three things you shouldn’t assume about renters insurance

If you live in a property you rent, it’s crucial to carry renters insurance. Those looking for renters insurance in Catonsville, MD can purchase a policy from HBW Insurance Group. 

When deciding on a renters insurance policy, you need to make your decisions based on accurate information. The following are three things you shouldn’t assume about renters insurance. 

You’re covered under the renter’s insurance policy of your roommate.

Generally, a renters insurance policy will only cover the policyholder’s belongings. This means that you cannot benefit from coverage under your roommate’s renter’s insurance policy.

You will need to purchase your policy if you want to have your belongings in your shared apartment covered.

Renters insurance isn’t needed if you don’t have valuable possessions. 

Getting renters insurance isn’t only crucial for covering the value of your possessions. It’s also essential for protecting you from liability expenses.

If someone becomes injured in your rented home, you could face a lawsuit or expenses resulting from the accident. Renters insurance can protect you in case of a liability issue in your rental home.

Renters insurance is not necessary because the landlord must cover expenses related to a rental property. 

You cannot assume that your landlord will be responsible for all expenses you may face as a renter. Carrying renters insurance protects you if your landlord isn’t accountable for expenses you face or doesn’t have the funds to cover them.

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