Adventure and ATVs in Cantonsville: What to Know Before you Ride

ATVs are great for to go out there and find some adventure. Both adults and kids alike have a great time feeling the wind as they whip along the road, hold on when bumps are hit so they don’t go flying off and just feeling the excitement of getting out into the open. If you’re going to get an ATV for the first time in Cantonsville, here are some facts to keep in mind, so you can have fun and stay safe when you’re out there. Cantonsville, here are some facts to keep in mind, so you can have fun and stay safe when you’re out there. 

Skip the Bells and Whistles, Unless It’s Safety Gear

You don’t need to buy the ATV that comes with a thousand buttons and levers. Chances are, it’ll only confuse you when you’re out there. If you’re new, buy something that you can easily control when you’re out there, and protect yourself when you’re out there! You may not be going as fast as a motorcycle is, but buy the gear for it anyway. Helmet, goggles, jackets, proper footwear: you’ll be happy you have it if something unexpected happens. 

Explore to Your Heart’s Content

The more exploring you do, the more comfortable you’ll feel on an ATV. Obviously start slowly and on the easy trails. Maryland has some beautiful countryside, and you probably know a few out the way spots you can’t wait to take your ATV to. Once you’ve had enough successful outings where you feel comfortable, try adding another person on the back and practicing there or take it a rougher terrain and see what it can do! 

Is Insurance Required?

Maryland does not specifically require you to get ATV insurance considering you’re generally not at risk for hitting another vehicle or injuring a pedestrian. However, don’t leave this up to chance. You do not need to be held liable for theft, accident or injury when you get the right protection. HBW Insurance Group can answer your questions so you can get on your way.