Receiving Guests for the Holidays? Update Your Renters Insurance

Accidents are more likely to happen during the busy holiday season than other times of the year, especially if you host dinner parties or have guests staying over in your rental property. By updating your renter’s insurance from HBW Insurance Group in Catonsville, MD, you can be prepared for any eventuality. Here’s how renters insurance can protect you this holiday season.

Liability Coverage

With a house full of guests to include children and pets, there’s always the risk of accidental injuries or damage to a visitor’s property. A slip and fall could send a guest to the hospital, leaving you to foot the bill for medical costs. Liability insurance covers medical expenses and damages of guests who have accidents on your property. If a guest decides to sue for damages, this coverage helps cover your legal costs and settlement, up to the limits of your policy.

Your HBW Insurance Group agent can help you determine how much liability coverage you should have to protect your assets. You don’t want to suffer financial loss due to skimping on liability coverage.

Contents Coverage

Holiday cooking increases your risk of starting an accidental fire, which could cause a lot of damage to your personal property. If you’re not careful, holiday lights can also spark a fire and damage your furniture, electronics, and other costly items. Renters’ contents coverage protects your goods against perils like fire, smoke damage, storm damage, theft, etc. If you have costly goods, replacement cost coverage offers the best protection as it pays to replace your goods without taking off for depreciation. This could save you thousands of dollars out-of-pocket.

By updating your renter’s insurance, you can enjoy the holidays to the full without worrying about unforeseen events or accidents. Contact HBW Insurance Group in Catonsville, MD today to update your renter’s coverage.  



Discussing Life Insurance With Aging Parents

Discussing death is never an easy topic. It can be even more difficult when you are discussing it with your own aging parents. Discussing life insurance issues with your aging parents may feel awkward or uncomfortable, but it is a necessary conversation to have. The folks at HBW Insurance Group are here to help you navigate these difficult waters. We are now serving Catonsville, MD and surrounding areas. 

Why You Should Have This Conversation

In some cases, parents have not shared with their children the necessary information which they will need in the event of their death. The details of existing life insurance policies, burial information, and other related topics often get avoided. Taking the time to have a conversation in which these details are explored will help you be able to take care of your parent’s final wishes as well as deal with the expense when the time comes. 

Life Insurance Concerns for Aging Parents

This topic should be explored with your parents to ensure that they have sufficient life insurance to cover their final needs. In many cases, life insurance policies were purchased years, even decades previous. The coverage amounts in these policies may not be sufficient today. It is important to discuss this issue with your parents in the event that additional life insurance needs to be purchased. 

How to Ease the Discomfort

If your parents are very resistant to having this type of conversation, perhaps you could bring up the topic by first addressing other financial concerns and then easing into this particular concern. It is important that you are sensitive and compassionate to their feelings and thoughts on this topic. 

If you would like to speak to an insurance representative at HBW Insurance Group, please give us a call today. We are proudly serving  Catonsville, MD and surrounding areas. 


Can I Get A Supplemental Policy That Covers Prescriptions?

Health insurance can be confusing. Many people are unsure of what their insurance actually covers and in what amounts. The agents of HBW Insurance Group are available to clear up any confusion that Catonsville, MD residents may have. For some, one of the main problems they have is paying for their prescription medications. Some policies include prescription medication benefits while others may be rather limited in that area.

Prescription Costs

Prescription medication costs can be excessive, especially when dealing with medications that are needed for chronic health conditions. Covering these costs can be tricky, especially for individuals who are on disability or a fixed income. There are supplemental policies designed to cover the cost of your prescription medications, you just have to be able to choose the right one that meets your particular needs.

Adding A Supplemental Policy

There are many types of supplemental policies that you can add to your health insurance. Supplemental policies for prescription medications are available. They can help cover the cost of expensive medications that are needed on a regular basis. Discussing your needs with your insurance agent will allow you to choose the right supplemental policies to meet your needs.

Catonsville, MD residents who are looking for supplemental insurance to help cover their prescription medication costs can call the agents of HBW Insurance Group to get the advice they need to make sound choices. There are many types of supplemental policies. Choosing the right one can take time and a little research to ensure you get just the right coverage. Stop by the office or call one of the agents to set up a time to meet. Get the information you need today!

What you need to know about flood insurance

Summer is a great time to be outside and enjoy the warm weather and longer days, it is also a time of significant storms in the greater Catonsville, MD area. If you are a homeowner in the area, now is a good time to meet with the pro team at HBW Insurance Group and find out more about flood insurance. Make sure that you have the supplemental policies that are required in your area. If you live in a flood plain, or near one, you’ll want to know that you’re protected.

What you need to know about flood insurance

Many homeowners think that their primary policy will protect them from all types of damage. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. If your home is damaged by water, your coverage will be determined by the cause of the water. Whether it be a burst pipe, excessive rain, or floodwaters. There are different policies that cover different events, and supplemental flood insurance is usually necessary as this type of damage is not covered by a primary homeowner’s policy.

Before you find out that you don’t have the coverage you need, why not sit down with a knowledgeable local agent who can help guide you through the decision-making process? No one wants to find out after the fact that their coverage is inadequate! For residents in historically flooded areas, your lender will likely advise you on the level of insurance that they require, but even if it is not required flood insurance is a smart idea.

Don’t wait until you have flood or water damage to find out you don’t have the coverage you need! Meet with the HBW Insurance Group today and find out how we can help you protect your Catonsville, MD area home.

Ways to Keep Your Condo Safe

With some condo safety measures in Catonsville, MD, you can have peace of mind and may be able to save on some insurance costs.

Get a Carbon Monoxide Detector: This colorless and odorless gas can be produced by the furnace, stove, or fireplace, and it can be hard to realize there has been carbon monoxide poisoning. The symptoms are similar to other illnesses. A device can alert you to the chemical so you can leave immediately.

Test Smoke Alarms: Many condos will come with smoke detectors, but if yours didn’t, you should get some. You should have one in each sleeping area and living space and on each floor. Create a regular schedule to check batteries.

Change Your Locks: When you move into a new condo, change your locks. The old owner may still have a backup set of keys and you want to be the only one with access to the home.

Install a Home Security System: It may be called "home," but it still works for a condo. Even if your condo is on a higher floor, burglars can still enter through second-story windows. Ask an agent at HBW Insurance Group if you can get a discount with a security system.

Light Exterior: Good outdoor lighting is important for outdoor security. If there is a building with multiple units, there should be installed lighting near the front door. Hallways of a high-rise condo building should be well lit.

Know Your Neighbors: Knowing your neighbors is a safety measure. Introduce yourself when you move in and get to know schedules so you can keep an eye out for them too.

Prepare for Disasters: Disasters can strike at any time, and for certain disasters, you could be more at risk by living in a condo. Plan escape routes and emergency preparedness options before any disaster strikes.

Contact HBW Insurance Group, serving Catonsville, MD, to get a quote on condo insurance. 

Does Renters Insurance Cover Any Property? A Single-Family Home, A Condo, An Apartment or A House Boat?

Is renters insurance just for apartment dwellers? 

 When the layperson considers renters insurance they usually think about protecting apartment dwellers in the case of theft, or some other unfortunate incident. Renters insurance is not just for apartment dwellers. Renters insurance is designed to cover the loss of property that a renter may incur as they rent a property. That property can be a condo, a single-family home, a houseboat, or an apartment. 

 The basic foundation of renters insurance is that it does not cover the structure that the renter dwells in – it covers the renter’s stuff. However, if a renter is thinking about purchasing the structure they dwell in, there are certain policies that are geared toward “rent to own” that are more comprehensive than basic renter’s insurance. At HBW insurance group we are aware of the subtle nuances inherent in every rental situation.

Though we are in Catonsville, MD, HBW insurance group is proud to serve the following states; Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. Our agents can also assist you in locating the right insurance policies in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, and Tennessee. Located in Catonsville MD 21228, our agency helps you make intelligent insurance decisions when you are at varying crossroads in your life. Buying insurance is the one way that you can prepare for the unexpected. It takes the guesswork out of the mysteries of tomorrow. What happens if is answered with the right type of insurance for your home and family. As a result, it doesn’t matter what happens, good or bad – you are covered. Contact us today by stopping at the office or calling us.

I’m Single – Why Do I Need Life Insurance?

If you think life insurance is just for families, think again. As a single, you have much to gain from a life insurance policy. Here are some of the benefits a life insurance policy from HBW Insurance Group in Catonsville, MD has to offer single adults:

Pay Off Debts

If your parent or significant other co-signed for you to get a private student loan, home mortgage or car loan, they’ll be held responsible for repaying your debt if you were to suddenly pass on. Benefits from a term life insurance policy can go towards paying these debts so loved ones aren’t burdened with them upon your unexpected demise.

Funds for Dependent Loved Ones

If you have loved ones who depend on you for financial support, a life insurance policy will ensure they continue to receive help after you’re gone. Your aging parents or younger siblings will appreciate having this support.

Financial Support for Significant Other

Maybe you purchased a home with a significant other who’s counting on your help to maintain the household. Your sudden passing could leave him or her in financial straits if you made no provision for financial support. Life benefits can help your loved one pay the bills until he or she can make alternate plans for the future.

Help for Business Partner

If you’re co-owner of a business, your partner is counting on your financial support to keep the business going. By obtaining a life insurance policy, you can uphold your financial commitment, even after you’re gone. This enables your partner to continue meeting the financial obligations of the business until he can make other arrangements.

As you can see, life insurance offers much more than you thought. For a quality life insurance policy at an affordable price, contact HBW Insurance Group in  Catonsville, MD.

Can You Afford To Not Have Health Insurance?

Health insurance is one kind of insurance that you are not technically required to have. However, if you don’t have health insurance you will be fined by the federal government. Due to the fine, it often is better to opt into health insurance, because after all, if you’re going to pay, you might as well have health coverage. But beyond this, there are reasons why you even if money is tight you can’t afford to have health insurance. If you live in or around Catonsville, MD HBW Insurance Group is here to help you out. 

Even When You’re Health

If you are a healthy individual you might eye the cost of insurance, compare it to what the federal government fine is, and decide to go without health insurance. Because after all, do you really need health insurance when you’re already a healthy individual? The short answer to this is yes. Because while you are healthy currently you never know what might be tossed in your direction. You could become sick out of nowhere. Or you might be involved in an auto accident. You never know what life is going to send your way. Even a minor injury can cost you thousands of dollars at the hospital, and you’d be surprised as to how much a ride in an ambulance costs. So can you really afford to not have medical coverage?

When it comes to protecting yourself and your family, it is critical for you to invest in health insurance. Health insurance protects you and will be there to pay for unexpected medical problems. So if you have questions about health insurance and live in or around Catonsville MD, now is the time to give the team at HBW Insurance Group a call. 

Is Flood Insurance Adjustable

Flood insurance is something that not all insured people need to have. For those that live in areas where the flood is common or where the flood is possible, having flood insurance can help to prevent the total destruction of your home and property. For those that live in the Catonsville, MD area, the agents with HBW Insurance Group can help you determine if you need flood insurance and how much you may need to be fully insured.

Flood insurance is a coverage type that is not included in any basic home insurance policy. This means that there is not any coverage for a flood if you have a basic policy on hand. If you live in an area where the flood is likely or where the flood is common, you may need to take out flood coverage. Flood coverage is something that varies depending on where you live and on what type of home you are insuring. If you have a large home that is going to need a great deal of coverage as opposed to a smaller home. You also want to look at the likelihood of a flood. In areas where flood may happen but it is not common, you may not need as much coverage.

For those that have flood coverage, it can be adjusted as needed during each payment period. If you are making changes to your policy but have already paid your premiums for that term, you will likely need to adjust the coverage and wait for changes in the overall cost of your premiums. For those that live in the Catonsville, MD area, the agents with HBW Insurance Group can help you adjust your flood coverage as needed at any time during the life of your policy to get you the best fit possible for your needs.  

How Condo insurance works

With a condo, you own the living space and the interior walls, but not the outer shell of the building. A Condo is sort of a cross between renting and homeownership, so insurance can get complicated because of that. The HBW Insurance Group in Catonsville, MD is here to help you sort out your insurance needs, and they can be different depending on the type of condo you have.

With a condo, the building owner owns the outer shell and basic infrastructure taps for things like water and electricity. You own everything else. If there were a fire that destroyed the building, the owner’s insurance would cover only the outer shell. You would still have to put in walls and the rest of the structure. Condo insurance is different from homeowners insurance then, in that it goes to the outer shell of the building.

Renters insurance covers contents only, not any of the walls. If you only had renters insurance on your condo and there was a fire you would have to replace the inner walls out of your own pocket.  Keep in mind though, if you are renting a condo, you still only need renters insurance. The difference is whether you own the condo and if you do you will need condo insurance.

The same would apply if you rent out your condo. You would not need to ensure the contents that the Tennant owns in that case.

Contact the HBW Insurance Group in Catonsville, MD for all of your insurance needs. You may contact us by phone or in person. You may also visit our website. We can help you find the insurance that will meet your needs. Current customers are also invited in to make sure they have the coverage they need as situations change over time.