Things to Do Before a Winter Storm

A winter storm is almost inevitable in Catonsville, MD. If you do not want to get caught unprepared, there are a few things you need to do. Use these tips to help prepare yourself and your home for the next winter storm.

Get Food and Water

You always want to have enough food and water in the home for each person so survive for a few days. When you are building your stockpile, make sure you choose items that do not require cooking so you can still eat even if you lose power.

Get Some Warm Blankets

In case you do lose power, you want to make sure you can stay warm. A big component of this is having enough blankets for everyone. If you do not have enough, go out and get some more warm ones just in case. 

Prep Your Fireplace

No matter what kind of fireplace you have, you should make sure you have everything you need to keep it going for a few days. Your fireplace is a great source of warmth and can really bring a family together on colder nights. 

Get Things to Melt Ice

Even after the storm is over, you may need to remove some of the ice that has built up. Make sure you get some items that can help you do that naturally. Some things to consider include cat litter, salt, or sand. 

Winter storms can be unpredictable. Help protect your investment and get a home insurance policy. If you do not have one or would like our office, serving Catonsville, MD, to take a look at your current policy, contact us today. We can get you a quote for a new policy that will meet your needs and meet your budget requirements.