3 Ways to Safeguard a Home from Fire During the Holidays

Although fire can occur in a home at any time, the risk of residential fire increases substantially during the holidays. Home insurance from HBW Insurance Group, Catonsville, MD, can help cover damage from accidental fires. Homeowners can also take these precautions to lower the risk of fire. 


Home cooked meals are one of the greatest pleasures of the holiday season. Extensive cooking also increases the risk of a kitchen fire. As people tend to family and friends, it’s easy to leave food on the stove unattended to the point of accidentally starting a fire.    

Those who are cooking should commit to their task until it’s done. If leaving the kitchen, even momentarily, burners should be turned to low. Every kitchen should have a smoke detector to give warning when something is burning. A fire extinguisher should also be within easy reach to douse any flames.

Christmas Trees and Decos

If using a live Christmas tree, homeowners should ensure it’s watered daily to reduce the risk of fire. The tree should be placed in a safe location, away from a portable heater, radiator or fireplace and disposed of immediately after the holidays. If buying an artificial tree, consumers should ensure it’s flame resistant.

Inspect Christmas lights carefully before hanging, disposing strings with cracked wiring or damaged sockets. In like manner, avoid using old, worn extension cords as they pose a risk of starting a fire. Lights should be hung with clips or other type of hanger as opposed to using nails or staples that can damage the wiring.


Although candles add a special touch to the holidays, they can be dangerous in a house full of guests and kids. By replacing real candles with attractive flameless LED designs, homeowners can enjoy a candle lit atmosphere without the risk of fire.

For home insurance coverage that offers full protection against fire damage or any other eventuality, contact HBW Insurance Group in Catonsville, MD, today.