What to do After an Auto Accident

In as much as we abhor them, accidents do happen. And when they do, their effects are often devastating. Also, your reaction could make the difference between a claim that will take months to settle and one that’s pretty straightforward. 

Here’s what you need to do in case you’re involved in an accident in Catonsville, MD:

1. Stop and assess the damage. Do not drive away even though the accident is minor. 

2. Should the situation be beyond your control, call the police. They will be able to assess the damage further as well as establish who was at fault. The police report will also come in handy when you are filing for a claim with your insurance provider, so, make sure that you give an accurate account of what happened. Gather necessary information such as the name and address of the other driver and the status of their insurance policies. 

3. Call for an ambulance should anyone be injured. Make sure you protect the scene of the accident putting up flares and so on. If it’s necessary that you move your car, take photos before you do. 

4.  Report the accident to your auto insurance provider. Based on the severity of the accident, a decision will be made on whether the vehicle should be towed or it can be driven to the nearest garage. Your auto insurer will send an assessor to establish how much you should be compensated. 

5. Your insurance provider will walk you through the process of filing for a claim. Ensure that you retain a copy of your claim form and other accident-related information.  

In need of an auto insurance policy in Catonsville, MD? Contact HBW Insurance Group for a free estimate. We have an array of auto insurance coverage options designed to meet your auto insurance needs. 

4 Common Car Insurance Problems to Avoid For Claims

4 Common Car Insurance Problems to Avoid For Claims

Introduction. Most policyholder mistakenly believes that buying a policy automatically makes them qualify for an insurance claim settlement. According to experts at HBW Insurance Group, once you file the claim there are certain behaviors or decisions that can still invalidate your claim. Here are four possible auto insurance mistakes that may delay or invalidate your settlement of a claim.

I. Failing to Act Quickly. From the moment an accident or incident occurs the clock begins ticking. Most insurance firms around Catonsville, MD have a set period within which you must report the incidence. You have to report the incidence and file the claim as soonest as possible. This makes it easy for the policy provider to follow up when the details are still fresh.

II. Failing to Provide Required Information. During the reporting of the incidence, you have to provide all the critical information that is required. Failure to divulge critical information could lead to delays or even eventual termination or denial of your claim. These include what happened, where, who was involved, how it happened, and the extent of the damages.

III. Withholding Information When Buying the Policy. Many policyholders lie so that they can pay lower premiums. However, this might come back to hurt you during the filing of the claim. Make sure you provide all the accurate information that you have during the buying of the policy. Lying might get your policy canceled or your claim denied.

IV. Failing to Buy Sufficient Coverage. According to Catonsville, MD, always keep in mind that a policy only covers the issues specified during the buying of the policy. In then end buying insufficient policy may make your claim to be denied. Therefore, you ought to take your time to consider the worst case scenario and try to buy a cover for them.

Better Coverage for Your Vehicle: Can You Afford It?

Few people have an easy time staying within their monthly budget. As time goes by, expenses seem to mount at every turn. So when you think about your auto insurance, it’s easy to deem it one bill you couldn’t afford to spend more on. As understandable as that initial reaction might be though, HBW Insurance Group wants you to know why it could come back to haunt you. 

What Can You Afford?

A few extra dollars a month isn’t going to be pleasant to live without if you live in Catonsville, MD, there’s no doubt about that. But you have to take into account what you might pay without the right coverage. If you have liability only, do you know how you’ll get to work if you cause an accident? Liability will only cover the other driver. Do you know how you’ll pay for the repairs on your own or buy another car if the original one is totaled? Part of being a responsible driver is knowing that it’s better to pay a little more now than a lot more later. And while this exercise can be difficult because it means thinking about an accident, theft or property damage that hasn’t even occurred yet, the odds are too great that something will happen to your car over the course of your ownership to risk it to chance. 

Getting a Quote 

You have nothing to lose by getting a quote from HBW Insurance. We help the people of Catonsville, MD understand how insurance works to protect their savings rather than deplete it. It’s our pleasure to give you more information about finances, coverage levels and your overall protection, so call today to speak to one of our friendly staff members about our rates. 

3 ways to avoid road rage

There has been a lot of press coverage of road rage incidents lately.  While fatalities from these events are rare, they can cause a distraction that can lead to a serious accident.  If you frequently find yourself getting angry at traffic, try these techniques.

  1. Change your schedule.  The best way to avoid getting angry at traffic is to avoid being in it.  The best way to do that is to avoid times when traffic is bad.  Consider changing your work hours to avoid the worst traffic.  If you tend to get upset on long road trips, move the trip so that you’re avoiding busy cities during rush hour.  You may also want to think about getting started very early or very late in order to ensure that the kids are sleeping through most of the trip.
  2. Find safe ways to distract yourself.  A favorite radio station or audiobook can be good way to get your mind off of the bad traffic.  You may also want to try several different methods of staying calm such as steady breathing or meditating.
  3. Try a new route.  Using an alternate route may help you to avoid the most problematic areas of your commute.  It will also give your mind something else to concentrate on besides being angry.

Of course, it’s important to make sure that you really are protected against bad drivers.  For many residents of Cantonsville, MD a good insurance policy can make sure that they are safe.  Contact the insurance agents at HBW Insurance Group to find a policy that is right for you.  Having good coverage might just give you the peace of mind you need to stay calm in bad traffic.

What Catonsville Residents Should Know Before Driving Abroad

For those traveling abroad from Cantonsville, Maryland, you should ask yourself one very important question: do you plan on driving on your international vacation? If the answer is “yes,” then you’ll probably need to do a few things in preparation for your trip to ensure that your plan to drive doesn’t turn into a scene out of National Lampoon’s European Vacation. Or worse.

The first thing you will want to do is find out whether or not your American driver’s license will allow you to drive in this foreign country. Each nation has different rules about drivers and their legal requirements to be behind the wheel. Many countries want foreign drivers to have an International Driving Permit, or IDP, which can be purchased for a small fee from AAA or the National Auto Club as long as you are 18 years of age.

Next know how auto insurance works in foreign countries, as international coverage usually can’t be done through your insurance provider in the United States, with a few notable exceptions. For travelers who are headed to Canada or Mexico, captive agents can provide full coverage, as these are neighboring countries to the USA. Yet for those who travel to places like Asia, Europe, Australia or anywhere else in the world, coverage must be obtained from an independent company like HBW Insurance Group, serving the greater Cantonville, Maryland area, who specializes in auto insurance plans for those who drive abroad.

Since insurance is meant to protect against unpredictability and few things are more unpredictable than driving in a foreign country, purchasing international auto coverage only makes sense. It’s better to have piece of mind anyway, so you can enjoy this international adventure.