3 Tips to Buying Condo Insurance

If you own a condo, your association probably covers insurance protection for exterior structural damage of your unit plus common areas. This policy, however, won’t cover the interior of your condo or your personal goods. Individual condo insurance from  HBW Insurance Group will ensure your Catonsville, MD condo and goods are well protected against any eventuality. Here are a few tips to obtaining the policy you need.

Review Condo Association Policy

Before buying condo insurance, review your association’s policy to get an idea of the protection it offers. The policy should specify where the association’s responsibility ends and yours begins. Knowing what your policy covers will enable you to make wise decisions on the individual condo insurance you buy.

Assess Your Protection Needs

Individual condo insurance can provide you with interior damage, personal property and liability protection. Liability coverage protects you against accidents that occur to others on your property. Interior protection covers damage to ceilings, floors and interior walls from such perils as fire, theft, vandalism and hazardous weather. Condo contents coverage protects your personal goods.

Before obtaining a policy, assess the risks to your condo and what it would take to protect your personal goods. The more costly your unit, the more insurance protection you need. If you own pricey electronics, furniture or personal goods, you should have ample coverage to protect these investments. Your liability limits should be sufficient to protect your personal assets.

Compare Condo Policies and Costs

Once you’ve assessed your needs, take time to compare condo insurance policies and costs. By personalizing your condo insurance, you can obtain just the coverage your need at a price you can afford.

At HBW Insurance Group, we can help you make wise insurance decisions that will benefit your future. Contact our Catonsville, MD office today for all your condo insurance needs.