Repairs to Old Windows and Doors Protect Your Family from Intruders

As a homeowner, keeping up with repairs and maintenance can be an unending struggle. Especially in an older house with rattling doors and windows. You realize the cold air is seeping in around the edges as the winter wind blows, but have you taken the time to determine just how secure the aging portals into your Catonsville, MD home are? HBW Insurance Group offers up some simple tips to help improve the security of your home while protecting your family.

Replace Loose Door and Window Locks

If the door knob to the back door has been rattling for years, now is the time to have it replaced. Burglars love to look for the easy way in. A loose lock indicates that perhaps the rest of the home is equally easy to invade. For a few dollars and a couple hours of your time, loose and broken locks can be replaced providing one more deterrent to the curious home invader.

Fix Broken Window Panes

There’s nothing that indicates that a home is an easy target more than an exterior that has been allowed to fall into disrepair. You don’t have to replace the window with a new one if the frame is still in good shape. However, by ensuring that all the glass is in one piece, you are telling a potential burglar that not only do you care for your home, you will make it hard for them to find anything of value inside as well.

So often homeowners put off the small maintenance tasks thinking they will replace the problem area sometime in the future. However, by spending just a few dollars to fix a broken window or door instead, you can end up saving money on improvements and protect your home against burglars. Ask your agent at HBW Insurance Group in the Catonsville, MD area for more tips on how to protect your largest investment against loss.