Three Tips to Buying Condo Insurance

If your future plans consist of purchasing a condo, you need to know that you should invest in condo insurance not long after you finalize your deal. Condo insurance is different than standard homeowner’s insurance as well as renters’ insurance. This is because it is designed to cover the specific elements that aren’t covered by the master policy of your condo association. Here at HBW Insurance Group, we want to share a few condo insurance buying tips with Catonsville, MD residents.

Find Out What’s Already Covered

The condo association is usually liable for providing insurance for the exterior of the property as well as common areas like the pool, gym, clubhouse, etc. Therefore, your condo insurance will need to provide coverage for the inside of your individual unit.

However, you need to find out if the master condo policy covers permanent fixtures in the unit like electrical, plumbing, appliances, carpeting, etc. If it does, then you only need to insure your personal belongings.

Each master policy is different, which means the coverage you need to purchase will vary. Take the time to find out what’s covered by the association’s master policy so you know what you need to insure yourself.

Evaluate Your Own Needs

A condo insurance policy needs to cover how much it will cost to replace your belongings in the event of a disaster like a fire or burglary. To ensure your policy limits are sufficient, create an inventory list of what you plan on having in your condo. This includes everything from your clothes and jewelry to the décor and electronics. Estimate the replacement cost of these items and total them up to determine an approximate amount of needed coverage.

Speak with an Insurance Agent

As soon as you have a decent idea of how much coverage you will need, bring a copy of the association’s mastery policy and your inventory list with replacement estimates to the HBW Insurance Group office. We can look over your paperwork and help you determine the best coverage for your needs. The sooner you can get started on the process of insuring your Catonsville, MD condo, the quicker you will be able to protect yourself financially.

3 Reasons Why You Need Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance is not as widely discussed as homeowner’s insurance, yet it is still necessary coverage that residents of apartments or condos should be aware of. While your landlord will provide insurance coverage for the building you reside in, it is up to you to purchase an insurance policy to replace your items if a fire or other similar event occurs.

Here are three reasons you should consider a renter’s insurance policy from the independent insurance agents here at HBW Insurance Group.

Your Landlord May Require It

In Maryland, landlords are now allowed to require their tenants to take out a renter’s insurance policy, as long as they require all their tenants to do so. You may notice this as part of your lease agreement. If not, it would be a good idea to ask if renter’s insurance is a requirement before moving in. This coverage is beneficial to landlords and property owners because it ensures they will not be held responsible if someone damages your personal property.

It Covers Loss to your Personal Belongings

Renter’s insurance provides coverage if your items are damaged, stolen, or destroyed due to a fire. It may also cover the cost of replacement or repair of your belongings due to power surges or water damage.

It Provides Coverage When You Travel

Renter’s insurance also has the added benefit of providing coverage for your items that you take along with you on vacation. Many policies will cover a loss while you are staying at a beach rental or a cabin for the summer.

To learn more about the benefits of renter’s insurance or to get a quote from one of our independent insurance agents, give our team here at HBW Insurance Group in Catonsville, MD, a call today.  

Should I get life insurance in Maryland?

People that are in the Catonsville, MD area will always want to ensure they have the right personal insurance protections in place. One type of insurance that this could mean obtaining is life insurance. This is a valuable form of protection, which can provide financial support for your dependents and offer you peace of mind. There continue to be a few reasons people here should get this coverage. 

Coverage Offers Financial Protection

The key advantage of having life insurance is so you can provide financial protection to those you care about. When there is someone in your life that you provide for, ensuring they continue to have the financial resources they need is very important. As you are looking for life insurance, you are able to build a plan that is curtailed to meet their needs. 

Investment Alternative

Many people will also consider a life insurance plan as an investment alternative. Planning and saving for the future is important. When you invest in a whole life insurance plan, you will get the benefits of life insurance as well as investment advantages. Each month, some of your premiums will build in an account that you can eventually liquidate or use for other purposes. This grows with interest and is a good addition to your personal investment plan. 

When you are trying to improve your personal insurance position in the Catonsville, MD area, having a proper life insurance plan is always a good idea. If you are assessing your life insurance needs here, you should call the HBW Insurance Group. The team with the HBW Insurance Group will offer the support you need to build and choose an insurance plan. This will ensure you remain fully covered by life insurance, which will also provide comfort and peace of mind. 

Health Insurance Terminology: Back to Basics

Health insurance seems simple, it is insurance that pays for your health care in exchange for a premium. The reality is a little more complicated. It is important to have a firm grasp of basic health insurance terminology. HBW Insurance Group serving the Catonsville, MD area is here to assist you.


  • Provider – this is the provider of the health care service either a health care professional or facility. These may be either a preferred or non-preferred provider. A preferred provider has a contract with your health insurance.
  • Network – these are all the providers that are contracted to your health insurance to provide services.
  • Co-payment – a fixed fee that you pay when seeking health services from your provider. It may vary depending on the type of health care service you need.
  • Deductible – this is the amount that you as an individual have to pay for covered services before your health insurance plan begins to pay. Not all services have deductibles.
  • Co-insurance – your share of the costs for a health care service that is covered.
  • Allowed amount – this is the amount that your insurance will pay for the covered service. It may vary from provider to provider, with some charging the allowed amount, and others charging more.
  • Out of pocket limit – this is how much you have to pay yourself before the health insurance cover starts to cover the allowed amount in full. There are certain exclusions.

Health insurance is a wonderful plan to have. It is important to work closely with your health insurance provider to create a specially curated policy for you and your family. HBW Insurance Group serving the Catonsville, MD area is on hand to assist you today. Get in touch with us and secure your health!

What Is Covered by Flood Insurance?

If you are among the proud homeowners based in Catonsville, MD, then you must understand the significance of having flood insurance. Knowing what the insurance entails and how it safeguards your property is also an integral part of property ownership in the region. Fortunately, you are able to access exceptional insurance services offered by HBW Insurance Group. Here are details about the flood policy that you need to grasp.

How Does the Policy Protect Me? 

While owning a new home is a heavenly experience, keeping it safe is more rewarding. One approach to make this dream a reality is to buy a flood insurance policy. The policy looks after you by compensating you for the destruction caused by floods. It secures your house plus the equipment inside. Buy the insurance if your area is prone to flooding. However, the insurance does not compensate your land if a catastrophe strikes.

When buying your flood insurance coverage, it is wise to check and categorize the valuables you have in your home. Ensure to estimate the value of your property plus what it contains. Compare the value to what your insurer has quoted to see whether the deal is worth your commitment. 

What Will Not Fit Under My Flood Insurance Policy?

Like other types of insurances in the market, your flood policy features an inclusion and exclusion list. Understanding what your policy covers is prudent but not enough. It is essential to identify what the policy cannot compensate if you lose during a flood. Note that expensive valuables such as money, paperwork, vehicles, and enamels do not fit under the flood insurance policy.

Your insurance will only provide limited coverage to contents that exist underneath your first floor. In such scenarios, the policy concentrates on selected valuables, including your basement structure. Your agency will explain the details of what the insurance can cover in your situation during valuation. 

Contact HBW Insurance Group in Catonsville, MD today and have all your queries addressed.

Three Ways That Condo Insurance Protects You

When you live in a condo, it’s vital that you have the insurance coverage that you need for your home. The condo board almost certainly will require you to have condo insurance on your home. But even if they didn’t, it’s still smart to have this coverage in place as soon as you buy your condo. If you need a condo policy, call us at HBW Insurance Group in Catonsville, MD. 

Your Possessions

Condo insurance covers the possessions that you have in your condo. If the worst were to happen and something serious happened to your home, ruining your belongings, your insurance policy can help you to replace them. It is often recommended that you keep a record of your belongings, such as a video or photos of what you own. This can help you if an incident were to ruin your things.

Your Liability

A part of condo insurance is that it covers your liability inside your home. If you were to have someone come to your condo and then have an accident or get ill, you may be found liable for the resulting medical bills. With condo insurance, these bills can be paid by the policy instead of from your pocket. This is important coverage to have in a litigious society.

Your Home

When you own a condo, the inside portion of it is owned by you and must be insured by you. Your condo insurance policy will have coverage for the dwelling itself in case it is ever seriously damaged. With this insurance, you can have the policy pay for the needed repairs. If your home is uninhabitable, your policy can also pay for you to live elsewhere while the needed repairs are being completed. 

Insure Your Condo

If you don’t have your condo insured, call us right away at HBW Insurance Group in Catonsville, MD to talk about your condo insurance needs.

Health insurance FAQS

When it comes to health insurance, most people have a lot of questions. So many things to consider, so many terms you don’t understand. It can make you feel really inadequate. Having an independent agent who you trust to guide you can be a lifesaver. At HBW Insurance Group in Catonsville, MD, we are a locally owned independent agency and our knowledgeable team puts the needs of our clients first. 

Is my doctor on this health plan?

One of the most important questions to ask when choosing a health care plan is whether your preferred doctor is on the plan. All plans have a network and doctors may or may not be in that network. Depending on the type of plan you choose, you may be able to keep your doctor even they are not in the network. 

What is a high deductible plan?

With a high deductible plan, you have a high deductible that must be met before services are covered. It is less expensive than a lower deductible plan. You are betting that you are not going to have a serious illness. 

How do an HMO and a PPO differ? 

Both an HMO and a PPO are managed care. The difference is that with an HMO you must use a doctor in the network except in the case of an emergency. With a PPO you also have a network and if you use a provider in the network you pay less but if you go outside, you still have some coverage.  

How do I know what my prescriptions will cost?

Health insurance plans have a formulary that lists the prescription medications covered. It also lists the copay and possible deductions associated with each particular drug. 

Contact HBW Insurance Group in Catonsville, MD for all your health insurance needs. 

Life Insurance FAQ

When it comes to life insurance, most people are not very knowledgeable. It isn’t unusual to have a lot of questions. Having an insurance agent you are comfortable with and trust is important. HBW Insurance Group in Catonsville, MD is locally owned and operated and our team is dedicated to making sure our customers get the insurance they need. 

The best time to buy life insurance is when?

The fact is, life insurance rates are determined by health and age. Being young and healthy makes purchasing life insurance at that time the most affordable. It isn’t always the most practical time since you may not have a lot of income. Starting with a whole life policy makes sense. 

How much life insurance do I need? 

The answer to this question is not a simple figure. It requires a few factors to be taken into consideration. The simplest answer is for someone with a family, having somewhere between 7 and 10 years of income in life insurance will help to get your children through their childhood. That figure needs to be adjusted for other aspects of your life such as age, dependent, and debt. 

What type of life insurance is best? 

Life insurance is offered in two basic types, whole life which lasts your entire life and earns dividends, and term life which lasts for the term it is written for and then is gone with no cash value. Both are valuable protection. 

Is the life insurance I get from my employer enough? 

Probably not, especially if you don’t stay with one employer for your entire career. You control the amount and the type of insurance you purchase. Having your own life insurance guarantees your protection. 

If you live in or near Catonsville, MD, HBW Insurance Group is your local independent insurance agent. Contact us for any insurance needs you have.

Do I need health insurance in Maryland?

When you are a resident of the Catonsville, MD area, there will be many types of insurance that you will need to have. A very important form of coverage to get in this area is health insurance. There are a few reasons why a health insurance plan should be considered a necessity when you are in this area of Maryland. 

Insurance is Necessary to Receive Affordable Care

Being able to see a doctor, get medication and get the appropriate care you need can be very expensive if you are not properly insured. When you enter into a new health insurance plan, you can greatly reduce the amount of money that you will need to spend on healthcare expenses each year. Further, it will ensure that you have access to a physician and the care that you need when you need to receive it.

Insurance is Required by Law

You should also get a health insurance plan when you are in Maryland because it is now required by law. For those that are all over the country, being able to provide evidence of health insurance coverage is a legal requirement. When it comes time to file your taxes, you will have to provide evidence of coverage for the entire preceding year. If you cannot do so, you could face penalization. 

If you are in the market for a new health insurance plan and you are in the Catonsville, MD area, you should call HBW Insurance Group. There are a lot of options when it comes to health insurance and picking the right plan can seem quite confusing. Fortunately, HBW Insurance Group can help you with this process by evaluating your needs and giving the guidance you need to pick the right plan for your situation. 

Does flood insurance cover antique items?

Flood insurance is an absolute necessity in Catonsville, MD. Your standard home insurance policy will not cover incidents where your property or possessions are damaged by flooding caused by severe storms. Does flood insurance cover antique items, though? The agents at HBW Insurance Group can help answer this question and more about indemnity coverage. 

Does flood insurance cover antique items?

A standard home insurance plan does not cover antique items. A standard flood insurance policy, however, pays for specialty, or high value, items such as antiques in Catonsville MD. There are a few general stipulations claims must follow to be approved for payout. 

First, the items damaged must belong to the property owner. Antique items belonging to a family friend stored in the garage do not qualify for coverage. You can file a claim for someone’s items if they are listed as residents of your home. 

Second, the homeowner should expect to receive compensation for the functional value of antiques. Many insurance providers require appraisals before listing specialty items in the policy. You will only receive what an appraiser believes the value of your antiques is worth. You will not receive compensation for the sentimental value your possessions hold. 

How much antique coverage do you need?

The amount of antique coverage you choose to go along with your standard flood insurance policy will depend on a number of factors, not limited to:

  • Lifestyle preferences;
  • The quantity and quality of your possessions;
  • How much you are willing to pay in monthly premiums.

It is imperative that you speak with a professional to determine how much specialty insurance you need to purchase.

An expert from HBW Insurance Group can help you understand how flood insurance with antique coverage works so you fully understand the benefits of such an indemnity plan. Call HBW today to get started with a quote for your next flood insurance plan.